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Caiman | ooak handsewn posable monster art doll


his is a piece of art, not a toy and not meant for children

A thing from deeper in tropical wetlands, traveling between them, it prefers more quiet places and to be away from people. But, if it decides it trusts you enough it'll let you come with it.

This doll is made with a dwarf caiman skull cast by arctic phoenix studios, the hands are cast from resin from my own sculpt and the feet are made from sculpey so they are unique to this doll. The spine is a ball and socket armature, and the limbs have wire in them so it can be realistically posed. The jaws are articulated so the mouth can open, but because of the way the fabric is around the head, it cannot close all the way.

The necklaces are leather and hemp cord with bamboo beads, coyote ankle bones and dyed howlite skulls.

When ordering, you can pay the full price upfront, or choose a layaway plan. If you decide to do layaway, contact me after checkout for receiving invoices. The doll will not be sent until after your last payment has been made.