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Caterpillar |ooak poseable art doll (discounted)

$100.00 / On Sale

Keep in mind this is a work of art, not meant for children

Like other woodland creatures, this one is shy and skittish, but you may catch a good glimpse of it if some food is left out. Don't worry, it's not too picky, but greatly prefers fruits over all else, especially berries.

This doll is completely handmade, from the oddly cute face to the little back feet. The hard parts are a mix of sculpey and a durable epoxy that's been painted and sealed. The eyes have a glaze over them for more of a wet look. The body's made of painted fleece, different parts sewn together to give it that wrinkly caterpillar look.
It has an armature in it so it can be carefully posed and is quite flexible.