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Skleta | ooak poseable dragon art doll


Hognosed dragons are very much like any other, they have certain things they really enjoy and collect, and have different elemental breaths.

Skleta's very different than what her appearance suggests, her breath can make plants grow, and her favorite things are flowers (rhododendrons are her absolute favorite). She uses her claws and nose to dig up plants from their roots to safely move them and replant them in her garden.

This is a one of a kind doll, not meant for children.
The spine is a ball and socket armature, allowing movement, but will not snap or fatigue. While the limbs are a two ply wire that is nice and cushioned
She is weighted enough that she can stand on her hind legs with the assistance of her tail, and her body is handsewn and decorated fleece.

With all my larger dolls, a payment plan is available.
If you choose to go with the layaway plan, I will contact you to discuss payment and will send invoices to collect it. The doll will not be sent out until payments are complete.