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Marzu|ooak dragon art doll


Grub dragons are like any other dragon, relying on different elements for their magic and what they breathe out, the biggest difference is their size.

This one has different tastes than most dragons, it prefers to collect mummified things, pelts, and bones. It's breath can cause things to rot quickly.

This is a handmade doll, because of this nature, it's not meant for children.
The head has been cast in resin, painted with acrylics and covered in a matte sealant. The eyes and teeth have a gloss over them.
The hands and feet have been custom sculpted from polymer clay, also painted and sealed.

The body is hand sewn and painted fleece, while the wings are felt. It has a quality ball and socket armature for the spine and wire for the limbs, so it can be carefully posed.

When ordering, you can pay the full price upfront, or choose a layaway plan. If you decide to do layaway, contact me after checkout for receiving invoices. The doll will not be sent until after your last payment has been made.